Noodle Nonsense

Noodle Nonsense

Family Events: Dinner Winners

Join the Roselle Park District as we celebrate the bond we share with our children! Attending these dinner winners is a great way fill your bellies, share special time with your child, and create memories that will last a lifetime!

This series of programs is held in the Oak Room at the Clauss Recreation Center

Programs for children ages 4-10 with a parent

Noodle Nonsense

Friday, October 19

Let’s be honest – life is all about less upsetti, and more spaghetti! Not only will we be busy eating noodles, we will be even busier playing and crafting with them! We will have oodles of noodles at Noodle Nonsense night – pasta noodles, pool noodles, and your smart noodle that’s inside of your head! Be prepared to noodle around with noodle games, noodle necklaces, and some not-so-normal noodle activities. It’s sure to be a night of noodling nonsense at this Dinner Winner!
Registration Information
Children ages 4-10: ID# 221216-E
Adults: ID# 221216-F
Time: 5:30-7:00 pm • FEE: R $12 / NR $17 per child

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