Youth Open Gym - Grades 5-12

Youth Open Gym - Grades 5-12

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Youth Open Gym

Ages 12-17

Youth Gym Membership OR Daily Drop-in Fee Required

An Open Gym Membership allows you use of the gym when it is unoccupied as well as admission to any age-appropriate open gym session. 

Youth Open Gym Annual Membership: R $25 / NR $35
Additional Youth in Same Household: R $20 / NR $20

Open Gym Membership Form

Youth Open Gym Schedule - December 17, 2018 through May 31, 2019

Parents, do the kids have the day off from school? Are they home after school with nothing to do? Tired of them staring at those walls or watching TV? Alright, make some calls and get the car pool going! We are turning the gym over to the kids for some high-powered basketball fun! A supervisor will be on hand to keep the action fun and safe on both courts.

South Gym - Grades 3-8 | North gym - Grades 9-12

See Online Calendar for most up-to-date schedule information:

Day  Time  Age 
Monday through Friday weekly 2:45-4:00pm grades 5-12
Monday, January 21 12:30-2:30pm grades 3-8
Monday, February 18 12:30-2:30pm grades 3-8
Monday, March 25 12:30-2:30pm grades 3-8
Tuesday, March 26 12:30-2:30pm grades 3-8
Wednesday, March 27 12:30-2:30pm grades 3-8
Thursday, March 28 12:30-2:30pm grades 3-8
Friday, March 29 12:30-2:30pm grades 3-8

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