Paint Nights

Paint Nights

Friday, September 13


10 North Suite 1

ID# 226674-C

Child Candy or Dog/Cat Treat Container

Ages 5+

Please wear a paint shirt, both tempera paints and acrylic enamel paints (for the glass) will be used. Children will only use tempera. All supplies are furnished.

FEE: R $18/NR $28

Fine Art can be intimidating, so create Fun Art instead! NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED.

Enjoy two hours of painting with your own personal instructor leading you the entire way! Everyone has a creative streak inside them and with guided instruction, you could produce a beautiful painting you will be proud of to hang in your home. The Smiling Shamrock art studio will provide the canvas, paint, aprons, brushes, and the instructors to lead you through your painting party of creativity and laughter. You will have had a fun time with friends and created your own masterpiece! No experience needed. Bring your own desserts/appetizers and beverages.


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