Color a Beach Ball Event!

April 14, 2023

Color a Beach Ball Event!

Roselle Arts and Culture Foundation will be launching the Andy Warhol theme in Roselle on Saturday June 3rd.Come express your inner artist and design a real beach ball! All supplies will be provided at the Turner’s Park Pavilion. After completion we will launch all the balls into Turner Pond for everyone to admire!* Balls can be colored at home – please contact Gina Cullen if you would prefer to do that.

Registration required in advance, limited number of balls

Registration March 15, through May 28, 2023

Activity date: June 3rd, 9-11:30am

Location: Lions Pavilion at Turner Park

Launching date: June 3, 11:30-Noon, Location: Pier at Turner Park

Beach Ball Prices Updates 5/1/23

$15 for the 24 inch ball

$25 for the 36 inch ball

$50 for the 48 inch ball

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Saturday, June 3




Ball sizes & cost(24” -$15), (36”–$25), (48”-$50)

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