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Green Initiatives

Green Initiatives

At the Roselle Park District two of the main components of our mission is to improve the quality of life in the community through the provision of parks and open space. We believe we are the keepers of the parks for future generations and strive to protect and enhance the environment and natural resources of our community. We promote responsible planning, practices, and resource allocation in hopes to inspire the community through example.

Trees & Urban Canopy

The Roselle Park District currently cares for and manages 1,500 trees throughout our park system and recognizes the services and function that trees provide as a collective asset to the entire community. With this in mind the District has adopted, through ordinance, a Tree Protection Policy with the goal of protecting, preserving, and planting of trees in the community.


Natural Area Restoration

As a part of the District's commitment to parks and open space, the District is working to restore the health and diversity of natural areas. Restoration work involves removing invasive trees and plants to allow a variety of native trees and plants to grow and thrive. Restoration may also include planting native or desirable trees and plants, grading, erosion control, and other improvements depending on location. Some current sites of review include:

  • Goose Lake South
  • Goose Lake North
  • Engel Park
  • Chatburg Park
Goose Lake South Updates - Fall 2023
Pictured above: new restoration signage install on site.
Pictured above: South end of site was cleared out and erosion blanket put down to help protect the shoreline throughout the Winter before desired plant life can grow in the Spring.
Pictured above: Areas on the West and East side of the pond that will be cleaned up in the upcoming season.
Pictured above: areas on the North side of the pond have been cleared to prevent erosion and prepare the area for Spring growth.